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We love books

We are parents who love reading books, but realize that mobile devices and apps are part of our children’s daily life. Daktylos Media was founded in 2013 in Dresden, Germany. It is a start-up for interactive children’s book apps that wants to provide the best sensible entertainment for children. Our children helped develop the Meta Morfoss app by testing and improving on its early incarnations.

Book apps for iPads and Android tablets

We produce and distribute interactive children’s books that bring together the classics of literature, high-quality design and expertise in a unique fashion. Our “reading quests” are a very new kind of app for children and teenagers whose animated images do not deter from reading but instead encourage users to read so as to animate the images.  Our storybook apps are available in German, English and Russian.

Daktylos Media’s blog

In our blog, we review children’s book apps and enhanced E-books for children and young adults for people who want to know more about trends in digital literature in the 21st century.

Daktylos Media: Nikolay Barabanov & Anna Burck. Photo: Ellen Türke
Daktylos Media: Nikolay Barabanov & Anna Burck. Photo: Ellen Türke


Anna Burck
is responsible for the publishing side, editing, marketing and press relations, rights and licensing. She worked with several publishers during her studies of contemporary German literature and Russian in Berlin and Moscow. Afterwards, she managed several cultural projects, focusing on online editing and marketing. She is currently a freelance writer, editor and translator.

Nikolay Barabanov
is responsible for project management, technical coordination, team lead and distribution. He studied architecture in St. Petersburg and worked as an architect and head of project management for a renowned Moscow firm for several years.

Our international team of freelancers is responsible for translation, illustration, UX/UI Design, sound design and programming.