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Meta Morfoss App

Meta Morfoss (c) Daktylos Media
Meta Morfoss (c) Daktylos Media

We have the Meta Morfoss App available for you by December 2014. Download at iTunes.
Visit Meta’s new web site:! And read our report about the Meta Morfoss App Testing with children and young adults, which took place in November 2014 in Dresden.

At times Meta Morfoss turns herself into a mussel in a forest of seaweed, or an angel flying into the red of the night sky, or she gives the staff on a steam train a proper shock. Her parents and her aunt Herr Maffrodit are used to her antics, but her teacher Doktor Pauli and the garbage man Karsunke want her to behave as she should. Meta has to decide who she is so that people can get to know her properly! And what are a burglar, Albert Einstein and the violinist David Oistrakh doing in the story?

Our reading quest for iPads and Android devices combines this wonderful story by Peter Hacks (1928-2003) with illustrations by Russian illustrator, animator and game designer Max Litvinov (aka KClogg).

Thanks to the interactive text, pictures can be animated and readers can make their way through the story gradually. Don’t be surprised if at the end your tablet tells you “I’m Meta!” More is always possible than we sometimes think …

For children aged 8 or older

Planned release: 2014