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Privacy Policy for Apps of Daktylos Media Anna Burck & Nikolay Barabanov GbR

This is the Privacy Policy of Daktylos Media Anna Burck & Nikolay Barabanov GbR, Rothermundtstr. 4, 01277 Dresden, Germany (Daktylos Media). Contact: anna (at) daktylos-media (dot) com

Herewith we inform you about the type of data we collect, store, use and process from your mobile applications (“apps”) and explain the scope and purpose of this.
The protection of your personal data is very important to us. Personal data is data which can be used to clearly identify a person or to contact a certain person. For this reason, wherever possible Daktylos Media avoids collecting, saving or otherwise using and processing your data from apps. We’re using Flurry Restricted Feature Set.
Thus our apps generally do not collect your personal information. As a rule, only game-related data is stored so that you can continue your game, check your score, find your page or keep your language setting.
In addition, to the extent that any data is saved, it will not be passed on to Daktylos Media or a third party but only be saved on the device itself.
Our apps are based on the Apple and Google frameworks which can collect data independently. This data collection is beyond our control.